In the Medieval statute of Budva there was a law which ordered a large financial fine for throwing garbage on the streets. There is reason to suppose the same law existed in the statute of the toen of Bar. It was for this reason that in the 14th century people started digging sewage pits in the ground-floors of their houses. In the complex (25) from the 14th-15th century, a few pits were found filled with various material and they were sterilized by quick lime.
Since the town was ravaged by plague for a few times, the sewage system hat to be arranged. Research discovered that the underground sewage system was first constructed in the 16th century, still during the Venetian rule. A vaulted tunnel led under the town, went down the slope and towards the town wall through which the waste went out. Almost all big and important buildings were part of the great sewage system which was spread through out the town.