The number of the churches in Bar can be mostly discovered thanks to the reports of Bar's archbishop, which were sent as official reports to the holy seat in Rome. In a document from 1672 it is said that there were 54 churches and chapels in Bar and its surroundings. Until today, 28 smaller and larger churches were confirmed in the town itself, of which were rebuilt after the earthquake in 1979.

Churches+Monasteries in Stari Bar

Stari Bar 14th-15th century. Churches and monasteries (Sauro Gelichi))


It is hard, almost impossible in some cases to determine which saints the churches of Bar were dedicated to. What we know for sure is that the cathedral church was dedicated to St George, and that the Franciscan monastery was dedicated to St. Nicholas., while other churches are mostly named after the tradition of each place. Apart from the churches mentioned, the following churches are also recorded: St. Andrew, St. Peter, St. Paul, St. Stephen, St Leonhard, St Sergije, and Vakh, St. Saviour within the Benedictine monastery, St Elias, St Abraham and outside the walls:
the monastery of St. Mary and St. Francis, as well as the St. Paraskeva monastery.