St. George's Church was erected in the 12th century, after the older church of St. Theodore had burned down in fire together with the "episcopal offices and the archive".
The oldest document, in which St. George's Church is mentioned, dates from 1247. In the 13th and 14th centuries it was thoroughly reconstructed. A high bell-tower was added to the church. It is also visible in engravings from the 16th century.
According to the priest from Duklja who wrote a chronicle in the late 12th century, in this church, Grubjesa, the king of Duklja, was buries in 1125.
Before it disappeared in a catastrophic gunpowder explosion in 1881, it was said that it had the sahpe of a basilica, 11 m wide and around 20 m long.
Next to the church is another chapel facing towards the south with its apse, whereas another church is at the opposite side of this one. This smakk church-chapel has the same proportions and orientation (south-north). This chapel with the grave of an important individual in the cella, was turned into a bakery during the Ottoman period.)